Virtual View

Is an interactive installation in the shape of a furniture piece and projection. Goal of the prototype is to create a virtual nature experience with creates the same positive effects as a visit to real nature. When the user sits down the animation and sound start. They see a styled landscape with animated elements. A clip on the earlobe measures the heart rate of the user. This influences the rhythm of the animation and the sounds, creating an experience made to measure. The piece is based on theories from environmental psychology and uses technology to improve psychological wellbeing. The work may be used as a healing environment and is developed for care homes.

Users have been involved at various stages to test the concept, the animation, the sounds and eventually the whole installation. This was done with empirical experiments. The experiments and feedback show that the use of the installation lowers the users' heart rate. They mostly find the experience relaxing and calming.

Awareness Lab: concept, design and excecution psychological experiments, electronics, visual design, interaction design, animations, programming, design and build furniture, statistitical analysis, project management.

In collaboration with: Students Avans Hogeschool: research and excecution experiments / Students TU Eindhoven: research, excecution experiments, write article / Heartlive: heart reate and heart-coherence detection, advice / Okazolab: EventIDE software (psychological experiments), technical support, advice / Sarah Banziger, Hein Lodewijkx, Petra van der Schaaf and Marie Postma, researchers: advice and data analysis / Julien Mier: sound design / Beer van de Geer: support interaction design / Aloys Bekken: design and construction first furniture piece / Amphia hospital Breda: exhibition.

Also made possible by: Impuls Gelden - Province of Noord-Brabant

Thanks to: Heartlive, Okazolab, Aloys Bekken, researchers, Amphia hospital

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