Was developed as part of the Time Inventors Kabinet (TIK) project in which artists explored new ecological foundations for time. Awareness Lab wanted to explore if the rhythm of human respiration can be a basis for a new kind of time. breathing_time is a networked performance piece. Especially for the performance we developed a wearable device which catches breath and makes it visible and audible through custom software. Five participants at five different locations were connected through this software and were able to see and hear each others breathing by means of an animation created through our joint breathing. By breathing together for 10 minutes and becoming aware of each others respiration a shared experience of time might emerge.

Awareness Lab: concept, breath_catcher wearable, visualisation, animation, programming

In collaboration with: CommonSense: data storage and exchange / Richard van Bemmelen: sound / participants: Hans de Zwart, Adriana Osorio Castrillon, Lorenzo Brandli, Mieke van den Hende, Tomoko Baba

Also made possible by: OKNO

Thanks to: CommonSense

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