Connected Open Greens

COG was commissioned by the artist collective ONKO in Brussels, Belgium and was the initiative of artist Annemie Maes. The goals of the website was to make accessible the data in the COG database, which was filled by connected gardeners throughout Europe. The aim of the database was to collect facts about the composition and development of various (city) gardens as well as describing and monitoring projects taking place in these gardens. Besides making accessible the facts about the gardens and their flora and fauna the website was a tool to be able to compare these elements and their development of the gardens. The website was first of all an artistic project.

With the tool gardeners can upload a map of their garden and then project the ecosystem of their garden (characteristics, plants, animals, people, sensors) onto it. Gardeners may also follow various processes in their garden which the system visualises and a keep an online log.

Awareness Lab: database, grafic and interaction design, front-end programming

In collaboration with: Annemie Maes: database and grafic design, concept / Balthazar de Tonnac: system architecture, software engineering and programming / Jozef Devos: intern

Also made possible by: OKNO

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