Reversed calendar

Reversed calendar is a block calendar which goes back in time. The calendar shows eight years in the life of Danielle Roberts. For years she has collected data about herself which she stored in an online database. It started in 2005 with a micro blog, haikus and photographs. Over the years more and more data types were added: energy level, stress level, mood, inner peace and morning pulse. These data were inserted by hand using a custom software program which ran on her PC.

A script converted the data for every day into a page. This resulted in a calendar with 2865 unique pages. A day in the life of Roberts is visualised in a layered composition using text, pictures and elementairy graphical image elements.

Awareness Lab: concept, data processing, visual design, programming, calendar production

In collaboration with: Marco Altini: statistics

Also made possible by: Lokaal 01

Thanks to: St Joost printer, Tiggelman Repro

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Contact person: Danielle Roberts

Address: Thorbeckeplein 23a, 4812LP, Breda, Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)76 520 40 82

E-mail: info{@}awarenesslab{.}nl

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