Magic Tea

This interactive installation is the result of years of design research. In which was explored how we can bring together the everyday and different states of consciousness such as mindfulness and flow with the aid of technology. What can be more everyday than making and drinking a cup of tea? The installation consists of a wearable, table and a cup. Users can prepare tea with the installation but all the steps of the process have been modified.

Via a wireless connection the parts are connected and respond to each other and the user. Their pulse and respiration is translated into light, sound and vibration and can be experienced during different phases of the activity. This calming experience may transform your perspective of yourself and the world.

Over the years the installation has been used in various ways: individually and unsupported, together with the maker or operated by a "tea master" in order for more people to experience the ritual.

Individual use of the installation:

Magic Tea with the Artist:

Magic Tea with the Aritst bij Witte Rook, Breda

Demonstration by a "tea master":

Awareness Lab: concept, design, research, prototyping

Thanks to: Emanuela Slanzi (tea master), Hans van Arken (IoT), Scott van Haastrecht / De MachineMaker (electronics), Kristof Christiaans (table), Hans de Zwart (model video), Lotte van der Heijden (model images).

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Made possible by: Avans University of Applied Sciences, Centre of Applied Research for Art, Design and Technology (CARADT), Baltan Laboratories, Municipality Breda, Witte Rook.


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