Soft Meditation

Is a performance piece in which Roberts meditates and data from the wearable Silence Suit is converted into artistic visualisations in shape of an immersive motion-scape. This is a work in progress. The goal is to design an artistic intervention in which a broad audience can experience the positive effects of meditation through an aesthetic experience. The artistic choices are partly based on theories and research in the fields of psychology, philosophy and computer graphics. After researching different effects of animation Roberts wants to combine them and develop different 'tastes' of the performance geared towards different target groups. Interaction between performer and audience should enhance the experience for both of them, this will be part of the piece and the research.

Awareness Lab: concept, visualisation, programming, interaction design, research.

In collaboration with: Dr. Thomas van Rompay (University of Twente): research / Dr. Nicola Liberati (University of Twente): theoretic background and advice

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