The most recent version of the e-Pressed wearable deepens the starting points of the previous designs: measurements of stress indicators and add a new communication layer through which others can, by touching, reduce feelings of stress in the wearer.

Functions of the garment are twofold: communicate the inner state of the wearer and present touch points on the garment. These points are derived from trigger point massage and insights from physiotherapy. The suit distinguishes a public, visible and a discrete private part for both the communication and treatment aspect. Communication happens through the top layer of the garment. It includes soft led displays on the chest (public) and at the wrists (private). Guided touch is hidden in small pockets (private) and is visible and inviting on the shoulders and upper arms (public). The touch points feel soft and comfortable and are inviting for others to use. This way the suit stimulates to help both yourself and others by touching.

Stress indicators are measured by custom made breathing sensors on the chest and belly. And a muscle tension kit that makes use of sticky electrodes. Both have been integrated in a tight fitting bottom layer. Via a wireless connection the data is send to a local PC and stored there.

The garment is suitable for individual and group use.

Awareness Lab in collaboration with Anja Hertenberger: concept, moodboard, design, research, interaction design, programming

In collaboration with: Rianne de Witte: fashion design, pattern, tailoring, laser cutting

Also made possible by: NBKS - province of Noord Brabant, Tijlfonds

Thanks to: Resi Kemperman (model)

Project website (first prototype)


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