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Since 2013 artist/designer/researcher Danielle Roberts develops tools for awareness at Awareness Lab. These tools support psychological well being and holistic flourishing using the latest technologies and artistic components. Projects by Awareness Lab are positioned at the intersection of art, science, design, technology and spirituality and emerge from multi-disciplinairy collaboration.

The tools may take the form of wearables, interactive installations, artistic visualisations or performances. Data always plays an important role. By allowing users to experience data they can expand there awareness. They learn aspects about themeselves and their environment which influence us but they usally remain hidden. Transforming and feeding back this data may give us deeper insight into the processes which drive and surround us and help us realise our human potential.





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About Danielle Roberts

Danielle Roberts founded Awareness Lab in 2013. Originally trained as a visual artist they work for the past years as a designer and (design) researcher. Danielle is fascinated by self-transcendent experiences. Their research focuses on the question if these mind states can also occur during everyday activities and what role technology can play to facilitate them. The goal is to make these type of experiences and their positive effects accessible to more people.

Danielle is a generalist who can combine knowledge and skills from different fields to realise their interdisciplinary projects. Late last century they became fascinated by the emerging internet and worked in that field for 12 years as a web designer/developer and artist. With the rise of open-source electronic development platforms, their attention shifted from the screen to the environment and measurements of human physiology. Pieces such as artistic data visualisation, wearables, installations and performances have been presented at many exhibitions and conferences.

Besides running Awareness Lab Danielle also works as a parttime lecturer and researcher at Avans University of Applied Sciences. Since graduating from the master Crossover Creativity they work on a PhD proposal which focuses on self-transcendence in an everyday context. Read more on LinkedIn or ResearchGate.


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