Meditation Lab Experimenter Kit

Aims to improve users' meditation quality through insight and adjustments to the environment. The kit consists of a suit and software. The suit, Silence Suit consists of a top and bottom layer. They hold 11 sensors, both physiological (e.g. heart rate, chest and abdominal breathing, posture and pressure between the fingers) and environmental sensors (room temperature and humidity, air flow and light). With the kit users can design and conduct meditation experiments. They can discover how to positively influence their meditation by changing the environment. At the moment only experiments using light are supported. With the software, the Dataserver users can log, save, view and analyse the date collected during the session. By filling in pre and post meditation questionnaires the meditation quality is determined. Through a machine learning component the user can train the system. It will understand which types of light have the best influence on the quality of the meditation. A wireless, smart light will be automatically adjusted. This way each individual user always meditates under the most optimal circumstances.

Awareness Lab Silence Suit: moodboard, customer journey, interaction design, electronics, project management, design and excecution of individual and group experiments.

In collaboration with: Vera de Pont: textile design, tailoring, 3D design, 3D printing, laser cutting / DesignLab UTwente: electronics design and assembly, 3D design, 3D printing, firmware / Meike Kurella: intern / Protospace: electronics optimalisation and firmware.

Awareness Lab Dataserver: Interaction design, customer journey, questionnaire development, project management

In collaboration with: Protospace: software development / Anne van den Heuvel (intern Protospace): user interface design, css / Hans d’Achard: system architecture / Germán Bravo: data analysis, machine learning / DesignLab UTwente: IoT communication between Dataserver and Philips Hue / Doshin Houtman (dharma teacher):advice on questionnaires.

Also made possible by: WEARSustain

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