The goal of the design was to create insight into the parameters that effect the sleep quality of Danielle Roberts and to translate them into an artistic visualisation. This digital print (150 x 90 cm) visualises 35 nights of sleep during 5-2-2016 until 24-3-2016. The sleep data (duration, stages, rating and recovery) were collected with the Emfit QS sensor. These data have been linked to various variables like screen time, activities, mood, energy level and calorie intake to find correlations between sleep quality and life style. The life style data was collected manually using a Google form. The poster show in a stimulating manner the relations between the different parameters while at the same time showing the mystery of the night.

Awareness Lab: concept, programming (Processing), visual design, statististical analysis (SPSS)

Thanks to: Emfit (sleep sensor)

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