reversed calendar, slices of my life

The block calendar in our toilet shows a new fact or puzzle every day. Reversed calendar is a block calendar that goes back in time. Danielle Roberts displays in this calendar the most recent eight years of her life. Since years she’s been collecting data about herself that she stores in an on line database. It started in 2005 with a micro diary, haiku’s and photographs. Over the years more and more subjects were added: energy and stress level, mood, inner peace and morning pulse. Those data are collected with a custom program that runs on her PC and asks her every two hours how she is.
The calendar consists of 2865 pages. Each page visualises a day in the life of Danielle using the collected data for that day.

Status: 100% finished
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Statistics: Marco Altini
Supported by: Lokaal 01
Thanks: printer St Joost, Tiggelman Repro