Meditation Lab Experimenter Kit

The DIY electronics world has a lot of examples of inventor’s or experimenter’s kits to create your own experiments. Meditation Lab Experimenter Kit is based on these examples. It allows users to do their own experiments to improve their meditation quality. The kit consists of:
- a modern habit with 10 different sensors called Silence Suit
- a software program for storing, analysing and managing data and habits
- the possibility to automatically influence environmental light
- the possibility to create your own applications with the data
To realise this the system makes use of emerging technologies like Internet of Things. This allows devices to talk to each other wireless like, in this case, the habit and the light instrument. Artificial intelligence is needed to learn from the data the most optimal light circumstances for meditation for individual users.

The development of this kit is made possible by funding from the EU and is part of the WEAR Sustain open call.
With: Protospace, Vera de Pont, Design Lab Twente, Germán Bravo, Hans d’Achard, Tom Bergman, Meike Kurella
Status: finished
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