Ensō calligraphy is drawing a circle without thinking. Such a circle symbolises enlightenment, strength and emptiness. It is one of the favourite subjects in Japanese calligraphy. During the Breathing_time performance five people drew a circle using our breath. Five people on five different locations breathed through a device Awareness Lab developed. The data for the in- and exhalation of each participant was send over the internet. Together we created during a 10 minute live performance an animation with sound driven by our individual breaths.

Status: 100% completed
Project blog
Experience in: breath my breath workshop
Sound: Richard van Bemmelen
Sponsoring and CommonSense API: Sense-os
Participants: Adriana Osorio Castrillon, Lorenzo Brandli, Mieke van den Hende, Tomoko Baba
Location: Imal, Brussels, Belgium
Also made possible by OKNO