By combining old and new techniques Awareness Lab enables the experiencing of the invisible. This way the Lab offers new roads to inspiration and insight for individuals as well as organisations. Danielle Roberts is always on the lookout for the newest developments in the areas of science and technology. Those we integrate into installations, wearables and software applications for desktop, the web and mobile devices. Thus new tools are created which can make us aware of all kinds of aspects of our lives in a surprising way. Awareness Lab enjoys sharing those insights and tools. Please take a look at the inspiration and silence pages for our offers.

Thinking outside ones own boundaries is essential for innovation. At Awareness Lab we combine different views. That’s why we work with experts, students and companies from many different fields. This may be designers, programmers, engineers, artists, scientists and craftspeople. Together we produces unexpected results.

Awareness Lab was founded in 2013 by media artist Danielle Roberts. From the end of the last century she has been exploring the invisible influences in our existence. The pieces that emerge from this research are not bound to any particular medium and range from photography to paper and from clothing to interactive installations and web applications. In 2013 the time seems ripe for her ideas. Her projects are related to emerging developments like Quantified Self, Positive computing, Open data and laboratories like Calming technology lab and V2_ E-Textile Workspace.