danielle roberts

In 1993 Danielle Roberts graduated from St Joost art school in Breda, the Netherlands on the subject of sculpture and monumental design. Ever since her switch to new media she has continued to develop and educate herself. Starting with her retraining for multimedia developer. Later through information science courses at Tilburg University and the Open University. She takes part in many workshops and symposia, staying in touch with the latest developments. At the moment she’s doing her propaedeutics psychology at the Open University.
She has a brought experience in teaching of media related subjects at different levels and with different audiences. From 2000 until 2012 she ran her own web design company working primarily for the cultural and non-profit sector. As an artist she exhibited in many locations in the Netherlands and abroad. She received grands for her work from the province as well as national institutions. Her expertise ranges from concept development, interaction design, electronics and programming to data visualisation and web design. Please view the project pages for an overview of her work.
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