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Boeiend om een wetenschapper van 87 te horen spreken die op zijn gemak een nieuwe kaart van onze hersenen heeft samengesteld: http://www.npowetensc...
Posted: 21/12/2014
Weer veel leuks op komst!

5 digital health trends you'll see in 2015
As funding for health-minded technology skyrockets, innovators are t...
Posted: 21/12/2014
Geniaal! Ik ga er een kopen.

Kitchen Safe: keukenkluis voor snoep en koekjes
Tijdens de kerstdagen haal je veel meer ongezonde koek ...
Posted: 02/12/2014

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While designing experiment number three I bumped into the complexity of doing proper research. I realised I lacked some information literacy skills. Luckily the Open University (where I study psychology) offers free master classes. Last week one started on information … Continue reading
Posted: 19/11/2014
The analysis of the second experiment has taken a long time. At first there appeared to be no significant results on any of the variables, except on the heart-rate during the cognitive stress task. So I consulted different people with … Continue reading
Posted: 31/10/2014
Our ideal for the execution of the second experiment was to have 60 participants of 40 years and older. There would be two labs where the experiment would be held in alternating rooms over 3 days. The rooms would be … Continue reading
Posted: 17/07/2014
After conducting and analysing the first experiment some points of improvement emerged. The differences in heart-rate between the sets weren’t significant so we want to create more extremes in heart-rate. One group will get a heart-rate enhancing trigger and there … Continue reading
Posted: 30/06/2014
In this post I want to give an overview of the results of the first and I will spare you the heavy statistic speak. So don’t expect a scientific article. The data is there and I may write a proper … Continue reading
Posted: 20/06/2014