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Chinees bedrijf print 10 huizen per dag met 3D printer -
Het Chinese bedrijf WinSun heeft een manier ontwik...
Posted: 11/04/2014
Super interessant!

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Kunnen we uiteindelijk onze hersenen uitlezen? Kunnen we breinen direct met elkaar verbinden? ...
Posted: 06/04/2014
New blogpost: Virtual View: designing the first experiment #research #art-science #design

Virtual View: designing the first exper...
Posted: 05/04/2014

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How does one research the influence of landscape and sound on a human? Fortunately a lot of research has gone into finding out how people react to visual landscape stimuli. Most articles I’ve read made use of static pictures, some … Continue reading
Posted: 14/04/2014
I was very lucky to meet Ilia from Okazolab. When I told him about Virtual View and the research I was planning to do he offered me a licence to work with EventIDE. This is a state of the art … Continue reading
Posted: 09/04/2014
I had an idea what I wanted to research in my first experiment after reading the different articles. Looking at the end users, frequent visitors to hospitals and the chronically ill, I want the final piece to be first and … Continue reading
Posted: 05/04/2014
Virtual View is a biofeedback, multi media installation that responds to the heart rate of the user. The heart rate is sensed and analysed by the Heartlive module. A heart coherence training tool developed by the Dutch company Heartlive. The … Continue reading
Posted: 26/03/2014
The past couple of weeks I’ve been working on an assignment for the municipal library. The task was to let people present their views on the library of the future. To that end we created an area with seats, a … Continue reading
Posted: 03/02/2014