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A good example of experiencing the invisible...

4 ways animals sense a world invisible to humans
We think we get it all, but there'...
Posted: 19/01/2015
Op 4 februari start mijn cursus "Sociale media voor amateurkunstenaars" bij de Nieuwe Veste. Er is nog plaats.

Deze cursus van 15 lessen is gesch...
Posted: 07/01/2015
New blogpost: Virtual View: animation theory #animation #philosophy #research #Shinto #theory #Zen

Virtual View: animation theory...
Posted: 06/01/2015

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The past month I’ve been working on my landscape animation. By chance I discovered a great book by Daniel Shiffman called The nature of code. The book explains how to convert natural forces into code. I’m working through the book … Continue reading
Posted: 25/01/2015
The last weeks I’ve been working on designing and researching my third experiment. The next step will be to introduce animation and to study its effects. I was curious to see if there had already been research into the effect … Continue reading
Posted: 06/01/2015
I’ve written a little program to create a colour pallet for my landscapes. At the moment I’m studying articles on animation. Again they lead me to Japanese and Chinese drawing and block printing. I wasn’t planning to go there but … Continue reading
Posted: 22/12/2014
While designing experiment number three I bumped into the complexity of doing proper research. I realised I lacked some information literacy skills. Luckily the Open University (where I study psychology) offers free master classes. Last week one started on information … Continue reading
Posted: 19/11/2014
The analysis of the second experiment has taken a long time. At first there appeared to be no significant results on any of the variables, except on the heart-rate during the cognitive stress task. So I consulted different people with … Continue reading
Posted: 31/10/2014