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During the discussion with the hospitals it became clear that I couldn’t just put my stuff in a room and leave it there, especially as the space was open to the public all day. So I had the idea of … Continue reading
Posted: 10/08/2015
In experiment three I wanted to see if adding movement to visual content had a bigger lowering effect on heart-rate and subjective stress then just using a still. And I wanted to know if variables like heart-rate and skin conductance … Continue reading
Posted: 23/04/2015
For the design of the third experiment I got advice from Petra van der Schaaf, environmental psychologist. The main research question for this experiment is: does animation have added value in the restorative effect of natural stimuli? So far I’ve … Continue reading
Posted: 26/03/2015
I’m still working hard on my animation. It’s going a bit slower then anticipated (what else is new) but I’m confident that I’ll have a nice, representative animation finished for the experiment. As an inventory, these are the elements that … Continue reading
Posted: 18/02/2015
The past month I’ve been working on my landscape animation. By chance I discovered a great book by Daniel Shiffman called The nature of code. The book explains how to convert natural forces into code. I’m working through the book … Continue reading
Posted: 25/01/2015